i'm so incredulous about the things that my job includes.  the last few weeks we have had quite a few retreats -- school groups, family camps, and most recently the BOW retreat (Becoming Outdoor Women).  We have also been visiting a few different communities to do camp rallies.  Three weekends ago a few of our staff flew to Hoonah to do a rally and two weekends ago I was a part of a group of staff who flew to Gustavus to do a rally.

yesterday i flew to angoon, the only community on admiralty island with three of our other staff and our friend carolyn.  none of the staff i traveled with had been there before and we have had a very small representation of campers from there in the past. this is a community that we have been praying to develop some connections to.  it was such an answer to prayer to be able to go there with our friend who has a family cabin there.  she was able to get us connected to the school, introduced us to people around town and even provided a place for us to stay.  

i also got my first float plane experience !  it was such a blessing and answer to prayer to visit this community and share with them about echo ranch!  

earlier today a lot of our counselors flew into town and a few more fly in tonight.  orientation starts tomorrow and after that things are crazy!

please pray for our counselors who are just getting to town, for staff who is already here, for the community of angoon, and our upcoming trip to petersburg!  there is so much going on and the Lord is so good.  



i thought about writing some sort of super meaningful 'lessons i've learned in 27 years' blog.... but i that seemed like a lotttttt of effort on a tired day.

so. instead you're getting a list of things i'm thankful for in this birthday i just experienced.

*sunny and 67 in juneau, ak on may 1.  last year it was a blizzard.

* this week we have had a work team at camp from one of my supporting churches. it's been fun to spend the week with them, and a blessing to have devotions with them this morning.  they sang to me before breakfast and after lunch.

*birthday waffles.... yes. plural.

*donut holes from the breeze-inn from cayla.

*quite the adventurous boat ride.... the seals were cool to see, but when putting your boat in the water double check the trailer is properly hooked to the tractor..... especially if there are people in it.

*dinner and milkshakes at the hot bit with mark, tonya and kyler.  what a blessing to have mark and tonya in town this past week :) yes, even mark.

*countless cards, texts and facebook posts wishing me the sweetest blessings.

now i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of zach, bethany and kimberly.

i am so blessed and thankful, today and everyday.