midwest tribute

i drove back from indiana today thinking of the many, many times i've driven those same roads.  

spending four years at indiana wesleyan, along with having friends and family who still live in indiana, has given me plenty of opportunities to drive that same path over and over.

the same roads.
the same farms.
the same windmills.
the same little towns. 

there's something in me that loves to be near the ocean and mountains, but there's definitely something inside me that loves these midwest states.  

so here's a list for you of a few things i'm going to miss about the mid-west.

1. my family and friends (obviously.). you guys are incredible and i wouldn't be mad if you all moved to AK. just keep that in mind…

2. fields and farms.  i love them.  i've always been around them and there's something so 'homey' about them.  

3. dietsch's. if you don't know what i'm talking about, please come to findlay, ohio asap and check it out. 

4. being able to go on a long drive. you know, longer than 45 minutes. nothing can replace a long drive, down a straight road, fields on both sides, windows down, country music blaring. 

5. being able to leave town without having to purchase a ticket -- spontaneity is a blessing.  

here's to the midwest. 


scars and turn signals

i've had so many thoughts today that i felt compelled to share with the world… things about adventures that continue forever, turn signals, scars, etc.  my brains been somewhat of a jumbled up mess today, which I'm choosing to blame on the flu that i'm recovering from.

i've heard it said before 'don't be ashamed of scars, they're signs that healing has taken place'.  

i've heard quite a few people complain about scars in my lifetime, but i'm not gonna lie to you… i actually really like mine.  
i'm carrying bits of my life stories around with me…
things like:
* a concrete wall i ran into and split my chin open..
* a trailer hitch on the back of a truck that cut my leg open leaving me with a scar AND dent (maybe i should pay attention to where i walk, eh? i was just trying to go to the movies….)
* and the scar on my left arm from when i was in the hospital when i was three

funny, stupid, embarrassing, painful, etc they're scars and they're mine.  
they're part of who i am.  
they're how i got to where i am now.  

it's true about all of my physical scars and it's just as true about all of emotional scars, also.  
they're a part of me and they're signs of healing.  

i'm so thankful.  

and in conclusion -- turn signals: USE THEM. thanks.


Makin' Memories

i'm currently in indianapolis spending some time with my cousin, visiting some friends and then headed to a few universities next week for camp fairs.  

this week ahead of me contains far too many goodbyes, but that's not all the week is about.  
not even close.  

yesterday at lunch time i got to chat about all sorts of life things with my sweet friend vicki over arguably the best nachos of my life.

by dinnertime i was in indianapolis eating cajun food with one of my life-long friends and her husband.  i got to see the house they just built and moved into and the room in it that will soon be their nursery.  their home is so beautiful and is decorated with paintings and sketches done by her poppy and so many beautiful pictures full of memories.  

now i'm staying with my cousin who is more like a sister to me.  we stayed up too late talking and watching new girl on netflix in the largest, most comfortable ikea bed i have ever experienced.  this morning we made enough breakfast for 4 or 5 people and i discovered my love for both funfetti pancakes and almond milk. yum. 

the rest of our day has been full of some of my favorite things…. starbucks, target and chic fil a.  


and even a sunny day with time to go to the park

we also went to the indianapolis ice tree….. which apparently is a thing? it's enormous and pretty cool, but also, melting.  

life is so big and beautiful.  there are so many details that seem so boring or 'everyday', but they're not.  they're different and awesome and we'll never experience these exact situations again.  

i'm so thankful that this week is not about good-byes, it's about making memories with these friends in indiana that i love so much.  memories to last me for a while that i will never experience again.  




not home yet.

two weeks from today marks my return to alaska until october.  i feel like i've been in ohio for a really long time, but i also feel like there's so much i didn't get to do and so many people i didn't get to see.  ideally, i would stay here longer to see more people, do more things, not miss any birthdays, family parties, etc. etc.  

on the other hand, i feel like i've been gone from alaska for so long.  being here i've missed holidays, birthday parties, camp events, and all sorts of things with my friends there.    

i found this quote last summer and loved it so much that i even mod-podged it.  


this quote resonates with my heart so much.  
my life has been quite rich and most of that richness lies in ohio and alaska.  

i feel like i have two homes.
two families.
two sets of friends.
two communities that know, love and care for me.

it's such a blessing, but sometimes it's really hard, too.  i get to experience so, so much, but when i'm experiencing those things, it means i'm missing something or someone at my other 'home'.

i nearly always feel at home, but a piece of me always feels like something's missing, too. 

and that's because it is...

'for the world is not our home; we are looking forward to our city in heaven, which is yet to come' 
hebrews 13:14

how good is God to teach me His truths through my everyday life?

ohio and alaska neither one are my true home, but i'm thankful for the two replacements God has given me for now and i'm thankful to each of you for being a part of those lives.




adventures -- i love them.

adventures that last an afternoon, adventures that take on the form of a week-long road trip, adventures that are an entire season of life, but most of all, this adventure that i call my life.

throughout the past 9,783 days on this planet i've been on an adventure or two and they've all looked different.

disney world.
an african safari.
sledding at the reservoir.
lemonade stands on the side of the road with my sister.
driving across the united states and canada to move to alaska.
showing dairy feeders at the county fair.
fishing in alaska.
family vacations.
birthday breakfast on a pier in san diego.
learning to drive.
doing life for a month in cape town, south africa.
etc. etc. etc.

there have been so many adventures in my life i never would have guessed i would be blessed to experience.  my hope for this blog is that i'll be able to share with you the adventures i'm experiencing and the lessons i'm learning as i'm living life in alaska.

i hope that i never stop learning and adventuring and i hope you'll join me.