the balance

two weeks from today i'll already be moved out to camp and hopefully things will be getting unpacked and ready for the summer.  i really can't believe that i've been back in juneau for over a month.

it's been full of people and an obscene amount of coffee.
i seriously drink so much more coffee when i'm in juneau.

this is partly because life is so busy and i need to stay awake somehow and partly because i have been meeting up with people and catching up on life, mostly over coffee.  this is definitely one of my favorite things to do while i'm in town.
i love hearing about people's lives, hearts, joys and frustrations.  our lives are so vastly different, yet something deep down inside of us is exactly the same.  

i went on a walk with a friend since being back. we talked about life and transitions back to juneau.  we talked about attempting to balance life. balancing working and people and errands and everything.

it's so hard.

i'm so thankful that my job involves SO much time with people, but something my friend said has stuck with me in the last few weeks.... 'i know i'm not going to get to the end of my life and think 'i wish i would have worked more'.'   she is so right.

there's lots of ordering and office work and emails and phone calls.... and there is literally a pile of to-do lists sitting next to me as I type this, but none of those things are going to last.  they're important and they will get done, but they're not the most important.  

i'm beyond thankful for these senior high girls that i get to pour into and so, so thankful for all those people who pour into me.

here are a few of the blessings i've been experiencing....

this week it's turned to rain, but before that we had weeks and weeks of sunshine. so rare.

i've been so blessed to have time to do things like visit my friends and their kids... and meet some sweet babies that were born while i was gone.

i made this last night to put in my apartment out at camp.  home sweet home. i love how this turned out and it's so restful for me to have a break to do something crafty.   


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  1. I love this: "our lives are so vastly different, yet something deep down inside of us is exactly the same." So true!