Psalm 19:1

psalm 19:1 'the heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork'

this past weekend i got to out to camp for about 24 hours and could not get this verse out of my head. my roommate and i went out to celebrate an early thanksgiving with our winter caretakers and had an awesome time.  we planned on having a thanksgiving meal with them, playing games, knitting and just visiting and hanging out with frank and rosezella.  we also had exceptionally clear skies last week and a great northern lights forecast.  

we had dinner a few hours after we got there and as we were cleaning up i stepped out onto the back porch to see that the northern lights were already starting.  we went down to the beach, built a fire and stayed out there for the next three hours talking and watching the lights.  it started out very slowly at first, with a green grow settling in behind hogsback and angel (some of our beloved mountains) and over the next three hours stretched out towards lions head while growing brighter and brighter and taller and taller. by 12:30 the lights were taking up half of the sky dancing and moving all over the place. 

it almost seemed like we were watching a concert and God was the conductor -- starting out a light glow.... brighter.... bigger.... brighter... until the sky was full of dancing lights.  

i can't believe i'm so blessed to live somewhere where seeing these beautiful lights is 'normal' and i'm thankful that God uses things like this to show me His glory and His power... that even the skies declare His glory and His handiwork.     

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